Green Frog Cafe

"Living in nature, listening to the rain, Green Frog Cafe, that's where I want to be. The hemlocks are green, the creek is tricklin, there's geese on the pond, the forest sighs. Green Frog Cafe that's where I want to be, home of my soul, spirit of the mountains." Ruminations of Rhona McMahan

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Chelsea and I went to New Orleans in early November to attend the national convention of the Harm Reduction Association. Chelsea participated on a panel presented by the Medical Marijuana Association of New York, of which she is the Political Outreach Coordinator. My objective in going to New Orleans was to visit Colin (in his senior year at Tulane). This picture shows his apartment mate, George, and his close friends Liz and Genevieve. Chelsea and I had a good time with our friends Kenny, Morgana, Lyndelle and Simon who were also in from the MMANY to attend the conference. It was instructive to attend the conference since we are in the process of incorporating Transy House so that we can apply for grants and receive donations. The Community Law Project of Fordham University Law School has adopted us as a project, and is doing the incorporation work on a pro bono basis. We also attended some sessions at Preservation Hall Jazz, Chelsea's favorites, and visited Marie Leveau's house for spiritual sustenance.
Rhona McMahan


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