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"Living in nature, listening to the rain, Green Frog Cafe, that's where I want to be. The hemlocks are green, the creek is tricklin, there's geese on the pond, the forest sighs. Green Frog Cafe that's where I want to be, home of my soul, spirit of the mountains." Ruminations of Rhona McMahan

Friday, January 28, 2005

Chelse has been reading the Da Vinci Chronicles lately, and has suddenly been taken with the fact that my Great Uncle Paul Miller Moore was the Grand Master of the Knights Templar in the United States at one time. This picture is when Uncle Paul was probably Grand Master of Pennsylvania circa 1935, and he stand with my grandfather James Russell Moore, my father Paul Martin Moore, and my father's brother James Harvey McGeorge Moore in full regalia. I never took this very seriously, but some people evidently think that the masons are still trying to run the world.
Rhona McMahan


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