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Friday, January 14, 2005

Wake Up To Global Interdependence

An unwillingness to accept how deeply global interdependence affects the US lies at the root of neocon ideology. It has been evident for at least the past half century that the day of the independent nation-state was on the wane. World politics, driven by technological innovation and the emerging global market for the products based on new technologies, have been shaped by technological imperatives. Twin trends have emerged which challenge the nation-state: devolution of governmental power to local authorities, and increased reliance on supranational organizations to deal with the problems of global society. Both of these trends weaken the effectiveness of traditional policies based on the exercise of soverignty by the nation-state.
The dominance of the US as a military power has created the illusion in the US that we can turn back the clock on the movement toward solving problems by activity coordinated by supranational organizations. It is clear that the US economy as defined by activities within the US nation-state is incapable of supporting the US dominance of the world through the exercise of military power. Militarization is sucking the blood from US society. The neocons and the many isolationist people living in the US do not accept this fact, implementing head-in-the-sand policies which imperil both US society and the rest of the world. The US is perceived as a "rogue state" by many, and is beginning to feel the collective pressure from world society to change its ways.
An educational effort is needed to explain to people living in the US that they exist as a broader part of humanity, and are interdependent with the rest of the people on the planet. I am not sure how an effective educational effort might proceed. The daily press, and the electronic media, are seemingly ineffective in explaining that gun boat diplomacy was not useful 100 years ago in its heday, and is totally dysfunctional today. We need more support for effective supranational institutions in my opinion, not less.
Many of our most popular politicians, pundits and religious are leading us down a dead end street which is leading to the destruction of the values which made the US seem as if it was a beacon of hope in the world over the past 230 years.
The current campaign to force the United Nations out of the United States, and to force the United States out of the United Nations is only one of the many indications that we are being led in the wrong direction. The anti-UN campaign is insidious. In future postings I will comment further about the concepts of international organization, the hopes for universalistic international organizations, the history of the League of Nations, and the continuing potential for world peace and prosperity based on the United Nations Organization.


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