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Monday, January 24, 2005

Transy House Residents as of January 24, 2005

The house is very full of people right now. Here are the people aside from me as of today:

Chelsea Goodwin--same as ever, plugging away at outbound telemarketing to make sales appointments for LCS, and practicing the piano. She played in church yesterday when the regular music director did not show up due to the blizzard.

Antonia Camberari--one of the earliest "members" of the house, she has been here for about a month as she seems to be deciding on where she will go next. She is one of my favorites.

Nathan Schiller--who was recently evicted from his home by his half sister after the the death of their mother last fall. Nathan will be getting his own place soon, probably with Antonia. He is very attentive to helping around the house, which is greatly appreciated.

Tasha LaRue--soon to leave for her home in Tennessee if all goes well. It is time. Tasha is getting back in touch with her life in Tennessee, contacting relatives, and planning to visit old schools and teachers. She gave everyone real nice gifts for Christmas.

Celia Blas--soon to leave for Tennessee with Tasha. She is excited to try out her wings living in a new place outside New York City for the first time.

Musa Watanabe--now moved to the sun porch from the alcove in the office, and much happier. She recently attended a reception of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project at my requests, which shows to me that she is feeling stronger emotionally.

Sadaisha Shimmers--back in the house after a strife-filled parting last July when I was in Europe. It was a huge crisis when Chelsea invited her back, but she was out in the street and living on the subway trains. Things are going better this time around, since everyone is stronger at enforcing their boundaries.

Joseph Johnson--still hanging on because of Chelsea's intervention inspite of doing no work for the house, creating tension, and paying no rent. The first off the island if I had my way.

The big recent event was to get a new refrigerator which will be adequate for our needs, and has state of the art energy saving features. The old one gave out at only 10 years. They do not make them as the did before. Now I get to pay another bill.

I am thinking about getting a new labrador retreiver puppy in the Spring. I realized a few days ago that Kiva was such a help to me when Sophie died. I want to get one while he is still active so that he can train her to be a good doggy. I will get the runt from a reputable breeder, because I want the Lab personality in a small package.

We have a cracked pipe on the water inlet to the boiler, so I have to go call a plumber now. School starts on Thursday, ugh, back to the grind. Two and a half years until I'm qualified for full social security, although Bush will propbably cut the benefits just as I qualify for them. I have been paying in since I was 14.


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