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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Misplaced Keys

Colin called me at 6:00AM today to wake me up to take him to the airport.  I was in a sleepy haze, but ready to go, when I realized that I did not know where my car keys were.   As usual I lost it in this disorganized hell hole as I tried to find them, as the minutes ticked away.  Finally I called Colin and told him to get a car service.  I felt so depressed to have missed the chance to talk with him on the way to JFK.  Finally, after another ten minutes of wracking my brain to remember exactly what I had done 36 hours earlier when I was in deep jet lag from just arriving from Sweden, I took the cushions off the living room sofa, and there was my crumpled up blazer with the keys.  Someone had been sitting on top of my blazer, wedging it out of sight.  I called Colin, but he had decided to drive himself.  Probably what he should have done in the first place, as the JFK long term parking lot seems more secure to me than the streets of Park Slope.  Still, the disappointment of not seeing him, and of failing, lingers.
Chelsea and Celia and I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 last night at the Pavillion.  It was extremely funny at points and extremely sad at others.  I laughed and cried throughout.  Nothing was too much of a surprise, given the list serves I read.  Images which arrested my attention were the violence of the bombs in Iraq which we drop, the charred bodies of the US contractors hanging from the bridge, the gruesome wounds suffered by children, and George Bush reading to the kindergarten during the unfolding of the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon.
Bush impressed me with his ability to relate with people one on one.  He seems warm and funny, but shallow and indecisive.  Given the failings of some of the American public, and the failings of the conservative and biased mainstream press, it looks as if it will be a tight election.
I tried to understand why Bush did nothing for so long during the 9/11 attacks.  I cannot imagine myself  just sitting there reading to the children if I were the Commander-in-Chief of a country under attack.  He may have been in shock, but he should have at least tried to get on top of the information, especially after the second plane hit.
One of my worst fears is that Colin will be drafted.  I could feel to the depths of my soul the anguish of the woman (women) whose son was killed.  I saw the same thing in my Aunt Mabel and Uncle Carl when their son, a medic, was killed in Vietnam.  They seemed to search for a reason for the sacrifice of his death, but I have the impression that they found only bitterness at the loss of their beloved son.
I hope more people start to think after seeing this picture.  CNN describes it as a left-wing polemic.  I guess it is.  Let's hope it helps people understand the violent business being done in our name before their own children are killed.


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