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Saturday, June 26, 2004

My Housemates at the End of June, 2004

Just to make a sort of marker in my memory I want to list who my housemates are today.

First of all there is the famous Chelsea, my partner, jazz pianist, off working this afternoon with the people of the Medical Marijuana connection. She is wearing a Sam Spade outfit: fedora, white shirt, blue pinstriped suit. She wants me to go to yet another Felix Hernandez Rhythm Review this evening, but I have a semi-sprained ankle, and there is no place to sit comfortably at Roseland.

In alphabetical order:

Celia, 26, from the PR, who has been here for more than three years, and who has lately be working in a craft shop making wedding and party favors and things for baby showers. She is the main spiritualist of the house.

Maureen, 27, graduate of Parsons, the Artist in Residence, working today on the T-shirt project. Tomorrow at Gay Pride she will sell them to people who want to support gay marriage. She is getting ready to go back to graduate school in art in Weimar, Germany, and is saving money from her English teaching jobs.

Musa, 37, from Japan, who just came back here after the stress of our house made her want to commit suicide. She is a very good singer, and an afrophile. I hope we can all stay on an even keel.

Sadaisha, our 20 year old from Portland Oregon via Sylvia's Place shelter for Queer Youth at the MCCNY. She is African American, Polynesian, and Irish in a bumptious mixture focused on becoming a famous star. She is a handful, very intelligent and creative, and pushy. A large personality which can make people angry because she is a larger than life character. I am working with her on a fund raising benefit show for next fall to raise money for Sylvia's Place.

Tasha, 35, from Tennessee. Just back from 9 months "upstate." She likes to clean and decorate and cook. Her living space is always the cleanest and neatest and well decorated in the house. She also goes shopping with me, and likes country music.

Also passing through today have been Jamie, Julia, and Marisela.

It makes me feel good to have people dropping in and working on their various projects.

I lent Marisela my quica today for her to use in the drumming circle marhing in the Gay Pride Parade in Manhattan tomorrow. She seemed a bit unappreciative of what a wonderful instrument is a quica.


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