Green Frog Cafe

"Living in nature, listening to the rain, Green Frog Cafe, that's where I want to be. The hemlocks are green, the creek is tricklin, there's geese on the pond, the forest sighs. Green Frog Cafe that's where I want to be, home of my soul, spirit of the mountains." Ruminations of Rhona McMahan

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Applying to College at 67

I have been going through retirement angst for the past several years. I have also been searching for alternatives for post-retirement employment with increasing concern in the past year, and especially since the collapse of the economy in recent months. This morning I was searching the web for information on teaching distance learning courses, and then switched to looking at the course offerings of schools near Pine Hill to see if they offered things I could teach. I checked out the SUNY-Delhi website, and found that they have little in the business area, certainly not international business. But I did find that they have programs in cabinetmaking, construction technology, and architectural technology. It suddenly came to me "hey, I could actually get a certificate or a degree in architecture.

During the process of designing and building the Green Frog Cafe over the past 34 years I have been aware that this project is the single most enjoyable work I have experienced in my life. I have often thought ruefully that I should have been an architect rather than an economist. That I did not go to school for certification as an architect is a testimony to my lack of imagination and self-knowledge as an 18 year old person.

I have just sent off an application to SUNY Delhi to take AECT 100 "Introduction to Architecture, Engineering, and Construction" in the Spring 2009 Semester as a non-matriculated student. I hope the timing works out, because I will still be teaching 3 courses at Hofstra in the Spring, but who knows, I may be able to work something out.

I have had several friends and colleagues earn extra degrees while on the Hofstra faculty, but I never have been motivated to do this as I had no strong interest (or perhaps I had no gumption). But this morning I am excited to think of actually studying architecture.

I wonder how this will turn out.