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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Stress and Fear

I just had a huge argument with Sadaisha. She again asked me for my metrocard, and it was just the straw that broke the camel's back. I have asked her to leave by October 1. She told me back in May that she was leaving in October, but when I showed that I would hold her to it she wanted more time.

This is the person who swore to me last June that when I got back from Europe that there would be nothing here, just ashes, all of my home would be totally destroyed. She was angry at me for giving her a nice room to stay in, food, internet connection, a computer, clothing, telephone access, etc. when she was homeless. She was also angry because I would not put a friend of her's out of the house after she got tired of them.

I have a hard time putting someone out on the street, so I have offered to pay her security deposit and first and last month rent on an apartment, but she wants me to pay an additional three months rent for her. This is a person who has never had a tenant's relationship with me, never paid a nickel of rent, and never done a minut'es work in-kind. She sleeps all day and makes raucous noise all night in the room above mine, listening to hip hop, dvd's, and talking loudly with her entourage a friends which she has invited in to live with her as well.

I feel so drained from the expenditure of energy in dealing with her. Now she is working as an "escort", using my phone line and my computer connection even though I have told her that I want nothing illegal going on in my house. She threatened to bring the police in on me, but I told her fine, I would love to speak with them. She has driven Chelsea out of our home. CVhelsea has been living with Friends in the Catskills for the past two weeks on the verge of a nervous breakdown from this monster. Chelsea is the one who originally took her in.

No good deed shall go unpunished.


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