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Sunday, January 30, 2005

This image shows a little bit of information on Caleb Russell Soria's great great great great greatgreat great grandfather Andrew Russell Sr., and Caleb's great great great great great great grand father (James Miller Sr.) and grandmother (Polly Russell Miller). James Miller Sr. and Polly Russell Miller were married in 1792. They lived in Washington County Pennsylvania, southwest of Pittsburgh. James Miller Sr.'s father (Samuel Miller Sr.) was born in Ireland in 1717, where his family had moved from Scotland in 1714 to get away from the insurrection of the Scots against the English. Samuel Miller Sr. arrived in the Americas circa 1748 or 1750.
Rhona McMahan


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At 9:11 AM, Blogger Len Jones said...

Hi Rhona McMahan,

I run Archive Miller ( ), a non-commercial site dedicated to the works, life, and times of J.R. Miller (1840-1912). The site has just had its first anniversary, and already has 18 of Dr. Miller's books and 7 of his pamphlets online.

Dr Miller's biography by John T. Faris is also online at

I have linked to your blog describing you as a Great Great Grand Niece of J.R. Miller. Is this correct?

I have also transcribed the pages from "The Shillito and Miller Families" that you have on your site and intend to put them online shortly. I would like your blessing.

I am not sure about the copyright situation. There is a remote chance that book may still be in copyright. If so the copyright probably resides with heirs of Samuel Miller Smith. Quite possibly what I intend is covered by the fair use doctrine, but, even so, it is polite to ask the copyright holder. Do you know who the copyright holder is?

Len Jones

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